Rogers Police Department Procures Apex Officer Simulator

Rogers Police Department will soon buy a virtual reality simulator to train its officers.

The Rogers Police Department has announced plans to purchase a virtual reality simulator for its officers. The Rogers City Council approved the purchase of an Apex Officer virtual reality training simulator. The Apex Officer system, which is designed for police departments, includes training in firearms, crisis intervention, de-escalation, active shooter threats, traffic stops, and a variety of other scenarios.

The Apex Officer simulator will allow RPD officers to train in a more immersive environment than traditional simulators. Officers will wear a virtual reality headset, which will create a 3D virtual environment for the trainer. The department is the first in the region to use the Apex Officer simulator, which comes with 35,000 different scenarios, all of which can be tweaked by the trainer.

Rogers Police Chief Jonathan Best said the department had heard "rave reviews" from other law enforcement agencies using the technology. The simulator will enable officers to do much more training at police headquarters, he added.

Apex Officer is being used by police departments in every state in the country.

The Apex Officer technology is currently being used by at least one law enforcement agency or department in every U.S. state, according to a press release from Apex Officer in January. The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office became the first agency in Arkansas to use the system last July.

In addition to its effectiveness for de-escalation training, the Apex Officer VR training simulator will become a cost-effective training solution for RPD. The department will be able to save money on traditional training methods, such as role-playing scenarios with live actors, which can be expensive and time-consuming. The VR simulator also allows RPD to train more officers simultaneously, which has helped the department improve its overall training program.

The Apex Officer simulator will provide Rogers Police officers with a realistic and effective way to practice their skills, leading to improved outcomes for both officers and the community they serve.

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Jasmine Taylor

Jasmine Taylor is a journalist focused on public safety, policing, and local government news.