School Safety Officers in Allegany County Undergo Advanced Virtual Reality Training

Allegany County Public School Officers participate in VR training session.

Jasmine Taylor
August 24, 2023

Allegany County Public Schools (ACPS) safety officers have received state-of-the-art training courtesy of the Allegany County Sheriff's Office. The specialized session took place on August 21 and was spearheaded by Allegany Instructors Major Dave Morgan, Sergeant Justin Gordon, and Corporal Joshua Gordon.

Allegany County Sheriff's Office Instructors Prepare Trainees for the Apex Officer Training

This modernized training session utilized the Apex Officer simulator, a cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) system. The simulator, funded last year by the Police Accountability, Community, and Transparency (PACT) Grant, has been a noteworthy addition to the Sheriff's Office’s training arsenal.

Allegany County Sheriff's Office Instructors Prepare Trainees for the Apex Officer Training

Participants experienced an immersive training environment, courtesy of the simulator's advanced virtual reality capabilities. The Apex Officer system is known for its unparalleled level of realism, which allows trainees to be deeply engaged in the learning process. By closely mirroring real-world scenarios, the simulator aids school safety officers in honing the skills and instincts vital for their roles.

Beyond visual immersion, the Apex Officer provides haptic feedback and realistic audio, taking training fidelity to new heights that traditional methods often find challenging to achieve. With such innovative training techniques, Allegany County is ensuring that its school safety officers are prepared for a variety of on-the-job challenges.

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Jasmine Taylor

Jasmine Taylor is a journalist focused on public safety, policing, and local government news.