Apex Officer Expands VR Training for Corrections Officers and Prisons

Apex Officer expands VR training solutions for correctional facilities.

Carey Rhodes
October 7, 2021

Apex Officer, the leading provider of virtual reality training simulators for the police, law enforcement, military, first responder, commercial and educational markets, has announced that they have enhanced their VR training simulator for corrections officers and correctional facilities.

In January of 2021, Police Tech News received the inside scoop and broke the news that VR is the Latest Innovation in Corrections Officer Training. Today, we're happy to report that the Apex Officer team has continued to improve and optimize its offerings for corrections officer training simulations.

Cost-Effective Training for Corrections Officers

“Correctional facilities are looking towards innovative technology to prepare correction officers and detention deputies in a safe and cost-effective manner,” said Chase Dittmer, chairman, and CEO of Apex Officer. “Due to the increasing prison population, the demand for well-trained correction officers is extremely high. Correctional officers and inmates’ safety is threatened by the lack of resources provided for adequate training.”

Apex Officer is proud to be the leading provider of virtual Reality training for Corrections Officers and prisons. Apex Officer training is designed and developed in conjunction with corrections and law enforcement professionals who understand the real-world needs of officers and correctional facilities. Apex Officer's VR training simulator is specifically designed to introduce the user to the proper response procedures and tactical strategies that will be utilized in a real-life scenario. We use a combination of 3D animations and live-action scenarios that will enable the user to become completely immersed in the training environment. This is a great step in the right direction for prison and correctional facilities that are looking to provide the best training possible to their officers and staff.

“Our training platform was designed in the field with law enforcement professionals, for correctional facilities to save time, money and, most importantly, the safety of correction officers and the inmates they protect.,” said Chase Dittmer, chairman, and CEO of Apex Officer. “The goal of this platform is to reduce the number of prison incidents by equipping correctional facilities and correction officers with the latest life-saving, virtual reality corrections officer training. Apex Officer’s virtual reality training platform is improving the standards of training for law enforcement.”


If you’re looking for a way to better train and prepare your corrections officers and prisons, look no further than Apex Officer. Their VR training solutions can help you better prepare and train your officers and prisons. Whether you’re looking for a way to train your people or just want to be prepared for an emergency, they have you covered.

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Carey Rhodes

Carey Rhodes is a journalist, marketing manager, and digital marketing strategist.