California Police Departments Showcases New VR Training Simulator

California police department showcases a new virtual reality training simulator.

Jasmine Taylor
November 4, 2020

California Police Departments Showcases New VR Training Simulator

This morning, during a special “shirtsleeve” city council session, members of the City Council, City Employees, and members of the public had the opportunity to get a first-hand look at the Lodi Police Department’s Apex Officer 360 virtual reality training simulator. This included the opportunity to use the simulator and go through a scenario or two. The Apex Officer X360 virtual reality training simulator was purchased by the Police Department with the Council’s approval in the summer of 2018.

The virtual reality simulator system allows for an infinite amount of training scenarios that can be created through Apex Officer's virtual reality training platform. Some examples of the training modules available include de-escalation training, use of force training, crisis intervention training and active shooter training. The system also allows for the trainer to provide their own dialogue during each scenario, making it a truly interactive experience. The Apex system is mobile and requires little space to set up, allowing the flexibility to utilize it almost anywhere. The virtual reality also gives the officers a more realistic training experience. For example, when clearing a room officers can push doors open, they can look inside vehicles, and they have the ability to fully interact with the virtual subjects by getting real time responses. Officers also have an array of tools available for them to use in the virtual world.

Almost every Lodi PD Officer, Dispatcher, and several non-sworn employees have had the opportunity to use the simulator. In addition we have used it in our Citizen’s Academy and have received a lot of positive reviews from all who have used it. We look forward to our continued use of the Apex Officer simulator, so that we can continue to provide our officers with valuable training opportunities and prepare them for the unexpected.

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Jasmine Taylor

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