LAPD Trains Officers Using New VR Technology

LAPD officers are training in the future with new VR simulator.

Paulina Tucker
October 7, 2021

The Los Alamos Police Department implemented new and state of the art virtual reality technology to train officers in a whole new way.

"So that when we go deal with it in the public, our officers are prepared. They've already been there,” said LAPD Sgt. Chris Ross.

"Bring 'em in here, put them in a stressful situation, put them in some environments that they're not used to,” Ross said.

LAPD Officer Training for De-Escalation in Virtual Reality
LAPD Officer Training for De-Escalation in Virtual Reality

Police training at LAPD is taking a step into the future.

"So we can put our guys into a safe scenario and get them where they can start using their most powerful tool that they have—their brain and their thinking capability—we're going to get better outcomes for everyone,” Sgt. Ross said.

Computer training simulations are not new, but virtual reality adds a 3-D element. Virtual suspects can even speak through an operator in another room. The different interactions, situations, and outcomes are endless, and cover things like use of force and de-escalation.

LAPD provides local law enforcement agencies with VR training.

LAPD is showing off their new training simulator from Apex Officer to other departments across the state and has already demoed it for the Albuquerque Police Department.

While training for use of force is important, the audio feedback with real people is what Sgt. Ross said makes the training so dynamic.

"Ninety-nine percent of our interactions with the community, we don't use our hands, we just use our mouth. And your mouth can get you into trouble, or it can get you out of trouble. What you say has a lot of power behind it,” he said.

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