New Police Training Methods for 2023

Virtual reality is being utilized to change the course of history for training future law enforcement personnel.

Larry Smith
November 10, 2022

New Police Training Methods for 2023

Virtual reality is being utilized to change the course of history for training future law enforcement personnel.

In light of the grim history of police brutality and police killings across the nation linked to implicit bias towards minorities, racist assumptions, and stereotypes, Apex Officer has developed an innovative virtual reality training simulator that proactively teaches law enforcement agencies and corrections officers to respond to incidents in a safe manner that is meant to deescalate the potential threat and harm in the circumstances.

Virtual Reality Changes Police Training

The virtual reality simulator effectively allows officers to virtually train for thousands of potentially threatening situations in a safe and controlled environment that is not often provided to police agencies due to a lack of funding and unrealistic reenactment abilities. With the simulator, officers are able to encounter scenarios that convey differences in body language and non-verbal cues that are imperative in increasing officer’s abilities to make rational decisions and progress through a disturbance without using deadly forces against suspects and civilians. The simulation also offers a 360 degree with peripheral vision to ensure that the training reflects real-life as much as possible without putting anyone in harm’s way.

Use of Force Police Training Changes in 2022-2023

Apex Officer also teaches training officers the levels of the use of force and how to respond accordingly and within what is reasonable to specific scenarios to avoid deadly force and is actively setting the tone on how training of law enforcement should occur across the nation in the near future to prevent excessive brutality by officers. The virtual reality software itself was designed by law enforcement and virtual reality experts, so the experience is as close to a real-life scenario as possible. Police instructors can also pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses across their class to innovatively design a training plan that will assist the individual in learning how to work around their errors before they have the chance to make a mistake in a real-life scenario.


It is with high hopes that these training methods are welcomed by law enforcement and corrections agencies to prevent any future harm that is unnecessarily caused by untrained officers intense situations so that officers who graduate in the years to come are confident in their abilities to react to specific scenarios with the confidence they need to not only protect themselves but the lives of others on the line of duty.

All things considered, Apex Officer has significantly set the standards of what is possible for law enforcement and corrections training and what is expected of these enforcement personnel when they are in uniform moving forward.

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Larry Smith

Larry Smith is a journalist focused on policing, public safety, and venture capital.