Opelika Police Department Becomes First in Alabama to Utilize Virtual Reality Training

Opelika PD becomes the first law enforcement agency in Alabama to utilize virtual reality for training their officers.

Paulina Tucker
September 20, 2021
Law Enforcement Technology

Breaking news: Opelika Police Department becomes the first Alabama police department to utilize virtual reality training to better prepare their officers for de-escalation and use of force incidents.

In a recent video published on Opelika Police Department's official page, OPD stated, "The Opelika Police Department is rolling out their new Apex Officer virtual reality training simulator. We are the first department in the state to receive this immersive system which will allow our officers to receive individualized training in real-life interactive situations. Instructors can choose from countless scenarios, speak directly to the officer and be able to provide immediate feedback. Not only will this help with internal training, but it will also improve our hiring process by allowing OPD to see how potential hires will respond to unpredictable situations."

Alabama Police Department Launches Virtual Reality Training

Opelika, Alabama, police officers are now able to practice for real-life scenarios using virtual reality technology. The Opelika Police Department becomes the first law enforcement agency in the state of Alabama to use virtual reality training technology from Apex Officer, a company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The technology will allow officers to put on a special headset and interact with a virtual world that is a near-exact replica of a real-life environment.

Interested law enforcement agencies can visit the Apex Officer website to learn more about how Opelika Police Department utilizes the Apex Officer simulator by reading the Opelika PD x Apex Officer Case Study or by checking out the announcement titled: Alabama Police Department Launches Virtual Reality Training.

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Paulina Tucker

Paulina Tucker is a journalist focused on police and law enforcement news, technology, and training.