Victoria 100 Club Donates Training Simulator to Victoria Police Department

With the help of a generous donation by the Victoria 100 Club, the Victoria Police Department will have a new and improved way to train their officers.

Paulina Tucker
November 19, 2020

Victoria 100 Club Donates Training Simulator to Victoria Police Department

With the help of a generous donation by the Victoria 100 Club, the Victoria Police Department will have a new and improved way to train for real-life incidents.

On Tuesday, November 17th, 2020, the City Council of the City of Victoria, accepted a donation from the Victoria 100 Club for the purchase of an Apex Officer virtual reality training simulator.

With the national focus on de-escalation and improving police training, the Victoria Police Department, with the help of the Victoria 100 Club, saw an opportunity to better prepare its officers with training equipment designed to improve decision making in high-pressure situations. After significant research on the various options, the Victoria Police Department chose to include the Apex Officer judgmental use of force simulator as a major component of its training program.

In a memo from interim Victoria Police Chief Mark Jameson,

"The Apex Officer training system is a comprehensive solution that is designed to allow trainers the ability to give presentations, conduct interactive testing and assessment and provide immersive hands-on scenario-based exercises with detailed debriefing and after-action review. Virtual or simulated training of real-life incidents better prepare officers in a controlled environment, so better decisions are made in the field. The demands on law enforcement to make critical decisions in tense, uncertain and rapidly evolving situations are almost impossible to replicate through traditional training programs. The Apex Officer system is designed to increase trainee knowledge, skills and confidence in a safe, challenging environment that is highly interactive and engaging."

"The entire Apex Officer team is excited for the opportunity to work with the Victoria Police Department and we would like to say thank you to the Victoria 100 Club for making this possible," said Chase Dittmer, President of Apex Officer. "With the help of a generous donation from the Victoria 100 Club, we have the opportunity to be of service to the brave men and women of the Victoria Police Department and provide them with the latest and greatest training technology."

Victoria Police Department is leading the way in progressive police training policies in the state of Texas.

Victoria 100 Club Services

The Victoria 100 Club, comprised of leading citizens of this community, has since been involved in helping families through financial contributions and other benefactions. Other than direct family support, the Victoria 100 Club is committed to purchasing vital, lifesaving equipment to assist law enforcement and emergency personnel.

Over the years, the Victoria 100 Club has provided drug dogs, automatic defibrillators, cameras, video surveillance systems and other equipment. Since the inception of the Victoria 100 Club, an important bond has been established between law enforcement, emergency personnel and the citizens of Victoria.

Since 1979, the Victoria 100 Club has not only provided assistance to law enforcement families who have lost a loved one in the line of duty, but also aided law enforcement agencies, fire departments and emergency medical personnel with needed equipment and funds for training. Examples of the work done by the Victoria 100 Club:

  • Donated funds to the Victoria Fire/EMS Department for the purchase of 5 defibrillator packs.
  • Donated funds for the purchase special life saving equipment worn in the training of Firefighters during their course of instruction at Victoria College.
  • Provided financial assistance to the family of Firefighter Ray Gregory during his rehabilitation from a fall while on duty.
  • Donated funds to Texas Parks and Wildlife for the purchase of FLIS SCION PMT and FLIR BREACH.
  • Donated funds to the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office for the purchase of 2 Eyewitness Surveillance Systems.
  • Complete list of donations and assistance provided by the Victoria 100 Club.

Interested in supporting the Victoria 100 Club? Donations can be made on their website.

About Victoria Police Department

Victoria Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency in Victoria, Texas. Victoria is the largest city and county seat of Victoria County, Texas. The population was 62,592 as of the 2010 census. The three counties of the Victoria Metropolitan Statistical Area had a population of 111,163 as of the 2000 census. Through the years, the Victoria Police Department (VPD) has distinguished itself as a professional and progressive agency. The Department places emphasis on education and training of its personnel and sets high expectations of itself in the area of community service. The emphasis on education and training is also seen by looking at the officers who have received specialized training at the DPS Law Enforcement Academy in Austin. The department also has numerous officers who have graduated from prestigious programs, such as the FBI National Academy, the Northwestern Traffic Institute, the Police Training School conducted by the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, and the Law Enforcement Management Institute.

About Apex Officer

Apex Officer is the leading provider of training simulators for the law enforcement, Defense, first responders, and educational markets. Apex Officer's proprietary technologies, software, and scenarios provide intense virtual reality training for de-escalation, judgmental use-of-force, marksmanship, crisis intervention, and related training that mimics real-world situations. Apex Officer’s mission is to use 21st-century technology to solve long-standing problems in policing and public safety.

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