Virtual Reality Driving Simulator Launches for Police Training

Apex Officer officially launches its virtual reality driving simulator for police and law enforcement training.

Larry Smith
January 8, 2021

Virtual Reality Driving Simulator Launches for Police and Law Enforcement Agencies

Apex Officer, the leading provider of training simulators for law enforcement, military, and first responders has announced today the launch of Apex Officer Drive - virtual reality driving simulator for police and law enforcement agencies.

Apex Officer Drive is the logical answer for instructing and teaching first responders the necessary skills to operate an emergency vehicle safely. All of Apex Officer's EVOC and police driving simulators are designed to enhance vehicle safety operations by emphasizing theory and principles of defensive driving in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Apex Officer Police Driving Simulator
Apex Officer officially launches its virtual reality driving simulator for police and law enforcement training.

"Virtual reality is a natural fit for police and law enforcement driving simulations, bringing high visual immersion in line with detailed and realistic driving physics," said Chase Dittmer, co-founder and CEO of Apex Officer. "Outdated training methods and technology prevents law enforcement agencies from training effectively. Apex Officer Drive was designed in the field with our law enforcement partners."

Apex Officer's virtual reality police driving simulator features a wide range of vehicle models to choose from. Police car models featured in our driving simulator include:

Apex Officer Drive is packed with features including, but not limited to customized vehicle hardware and equipment, Apex Officer content library and curriculum, comprehensive train-the-trainer course, reconfigurable graphics, cross-training interoperability, and after action debriefing.

"Our team has been working on the Apex Officer Drive platform for awhile, but we have held off releasing it until the market was ready for a new driving simulator. Building a virtual reality driving simulator requires expertise in four very different areas. These are: advanced virtual reality development, specialized driving hardware, simulation software and educational curricula or course ware. And then it requires human factor researchers to validate the resulting program," said Chase Dittmer.

Apex Officer’s simulation-based driver training allows you to expose your officers and drivers to various challenging and hazard-laden scenarios in a controlled environment. You can record operator reactions and response times, and provide after-action reviews and debriefing that point out performance improvement areas for each driver. Apex Officer’s simulator-based training approach improves critical driving skills, enhances decision making abilities, and increases the safety of your law enforcement agencies’ operations.

To learn more about Apex Officer Drive and to request a virtual reality product demonstration, law enforcement agencies can contact Apex Officer directly to schedule a product demo by visiting their website.


About Apex Officer

Apex Officer is a provider of training simulators for the law enforcement, Defense, first responders, and educational markets. The company’s proprietary technologies, software, and scenarios provide intense virtual reality training for de-escalation, judgmental use-of-force, marksmanship, crisis intervention, and related training that mimics real-world situations. Apex Officer’s mission is to use 21st-century technology to solve long-standing problems in policing and public safety. Apex Officer was recently voted one of the best companies to work for in Las Vegas.

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